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One Piece Episodes [English Sub]


Gol D. Roger was known as the "Pirate King," the strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line. The capture and death of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world. His last words before his death revealed the existence of the greatest treasure in the world, One Piece. It was this revelation that brought about the Grand Age of Pirates, men who dreamed of finding One Piece—which promises an unlimited amount of riches and fame—and quite possibly the pinnacle of glory and the title of the Pirate King.
Enter Monkey D. Luffy, a 17-year-old boy who defies your standard definition of a pirate. Rather than the popular persona of a wicked, hardened, toothless pirate ransacking villages for fun, Luffy’s reason for being a pirate is one of pure wonder: the thought of an exciting adventure that leads him to intriguing people and ultimately, the promised treasure. Following in the footsteps of his childhood hero, Luffy and his crew travel across the Grand Line, experiencing crazy adventures, unveiling dark mysteries and battling strong enemies, all in order to reach the most coveted of all fortunes—One Piece.
One Piece Episodes [English Sub] File List
One Piece Episode 831 English Subbed.mp4
The Broken Couple! Sanji and Pudding Enter
26.8 mb
One Piece Episode 830 English Subbed.mp4
70.03 mb
One Piece Episode 829 English Subbed.mp4
Luffy Engages in a Secret Maneuver! The Wedding Full of Conspiracies Start Soon
73.56 mb
One Piece Episode 828 English Subbed.mp4
The Deadly Pact! Luffy & Bege's Allied Forces!
77.63 mb
One Piece Episode 827 English Subbed.mp4
A Secret Meeting! Luffy vs. the Fire Tank Pirates
53.4 mb
One Piece Episode 826 English Subbed.mp4
Sanji Comes Back! Crash! The Tea Party from Hell
69.33 mb
One Piece Episode 825 English Subbed.mp4
A Liar! Luffy and Sanji
57.41 mb
One Piece Episode 824 English Subbed.mp4
The Rendezvous! Luffy, a One-on-One at His Limit
84.16 mb
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