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Dragon Ball Episodes [English Sub]


Gokuu Son is a young boy who lives in the woods all alone—that is, until a girl named Bulma runs into him in her search for a set of magical objects called the "Dragon Balls." Since the artifacts are said to grant one wish to whoever collects all seven, Bulma hopes to gather them and wish for a perfect boyfriend. Gokuu happens to be in possession of a dragon ball, but unfortunately for Bulma, he refuses to part ways with it, so she makes him a deal: he can tag along on her journey if he lets her borrow the dragon ball's power. With that, the two set off on the journey of a lifetime.
They don't go on the journey alone. On the way, they meet the old Muten-Roshi and wannabe disciple Kuririn, with whom Gokuu trains to become a stronger martial artist for the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament. However, it's not all fun and games; the ability to make any wish come true is a powerful one, and there are others who would do much worse than just wishing for a boyfriend. To stop those who would try to abuse the legendary power, they train to become stronger fighters, using their newfound strength to help the people around them along the way.
Dragon Ball Episodes [English Sub] File List
Dragon Ball Episode 102 English Subbed.mp4
The Terrifying Conspiracy of Kuririn's Death!!" / "Enter King Piccolo
42.62 mb
Dragon Ball Episode 101 English Subbed.mp4
The Martial Arts Tournament Comes to an End! And Then...
39.71 mb
Dragon Ball Episode 100 English Subbed.mp4
Life?! Death?! A Last Resort" / "The Spirit Cannon
44.67 mb
Dragon Ball Episode 99 English Subbed.mp4
Tenshinhan in Distress!
47.85 mb
Dragon Ball Episode 98 English Subbed.mp4
The Secret Technique Haiky?ken vs. Fighting Power
39.98 mb
Dragon Ball Episode 97 English Subbed.mp4
The Finals!! The World's Greatest Martial Artist is...?
38.76 mb
Dragon Ball Episode 96 English Subbed.mp4
Really, Goku?! Kuririn's Great Strategy
34.99 mb
Dragon Ball Episode 95 English Subbed.mp4
Fight!! Goku vs. Kuririn
35.87 mb
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